Doctors in Lake Mary Discuss High Blood Pressure Management

Understanding blood pressure is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At least 2 of every 3 American adults have unhealthy blood pressure, and high blood pressure can take off 5 years from the average person’s life. Make sure to frequently check your blood pressure and to make the necessary changes to keep it at a healthy level.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the the force that pumps the blood through the arteries. When having your blood pressure read, make sure that conclusions are based off of multiple readings. If trying to predict future health by blood pressure readings, it is important to take from your average blood pressure rather than your peaks and valleys.

How to read blood pressure?

Each reading will measure two pressures: the systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

If your reading says 120/80, your systolic blood pressure is 120 and your diastolic is 80.


High blood pressure can result in prehypertension or various stages of hypertension. Hypertension causes the heart to work extra hard while harming your arteries and blood vessels, even if you feel just fine. The American Heart Association calls hypertension “the silent killer” because there’s usually no symptoms until it causes damage. With over 73 million Americans suffering from hypertension, it’s especially important to monitor blood pressure.

Identifying what is normal

The following chart indicates the classification of blood pressure. If both your arms give you different readings, make sure to use the higher one.

How to lower blood pressure?

Every step towards a lowering blood pressure can make a significant difference. Just by lowering your systolic blood pressure by 10 points or your diastolic pressure by 5 points, your risk of stroke is decreased by 30-40%. Here are some tips from Lake Mary doctors to lowering your blood pressure.

If you have further questions about high blood pressure, make an appointment with your local Lake Mary physicians and work together to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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