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Our medical practice specializes in Internal Medicine

At SunState Medical clinic we strive to provide care that is convenient and meets your needs. We practice open-access scheduling, which means you should typically be able to schedule an appointment with us within 24 hours of your call.

We handle a wide spectrum of medical concerns, from the common cold to diabetes and heart disease (see Specialties). Our providers also provide regular preventative care visits such as physicals, pap smears and adult check-ups. Our practice uses electronic medical records.

Internal Medicine goes beyond Primary Care

SunState Medical clinic is a private practice group of three physicians specializing in Internal Medicine. Each of our physicians is board certified American Board of Internal Medicine, which means that you will get knowledgeable, up to date care for any medical concern you may have. Our physicians not only provide primary care, but are also adept at coordinating your care if you see multiple specialists or have several medical conditions. Depending on your individual situation, they can help you find the right specialist, set you up for a diagnostic testing, and coordinate various therapies. We believe in treating the whole person, not just a disease.

Whether a patient is in for an earache or in need of colon-cancer screening, primary-care providers deliver the basic diagnostic treatment and preventative medical care that patients most often need. They are the practitioners on the front lines of your care who respond to a broad range of medical problems for people throughout their lives. You primary-care provider is your partner in helping you stay well, treating you when you’re sick and referring you to a specialist when needed.

Each of our physicians is privileged at local hospitals.

Testing on Location

EKG, Ultrasound, skin surgeries and blood tests are performed onsite.


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