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Finding a primary care team you can trust gives you the best chance of staying healthy. At Sunstate Medical Associates in Lake Mary, Florida, the expert internal medicine team diagnoses, treats, and helps you manage diseases to optimize your quality of life. To schedule a wellness exam or if you experience unusual symptoms, book an appointment with Sunstate Medical Associates by phone or online today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

The medical team at Sunstate Medical Associates specializes in internal medicine, with three physicians on staff. They prioritize close relationships with patients to help them achieve and maintain optimal health through education, the latest health-related information, and up-to-date care.

What is primary care used for?

Primary care at Sunstate Medical Associates involves disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses and chronic diseases, including (but not limited to):

  • Colds and flu
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Heart problems
  • Thyroid and other hormone problems
  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma and allergies
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Skin disorders

If you have questions or concerns about a specific medical condition, the Sunstate Medical Associates team discusses them with you and gives you a voice in your care.

What happens during primary care appointments?

During primary care appointments at Sunstate Medical Associates, you can expect one or more of the following:

Wellness exams

The Sunstate Medical Associates team offers wellness exams. They review your personal and family medical history, check your vital signs, and complete a comprehensive physical exam to detect or rule out illnesses and diseases.

Your doctor offers prostate cancer screening in men and pelvic exams, including Pap tests when necessary, in women to screen for cervical cancer. They might use blood or urine tests to diagnose specific medical problems.

Chronic disease management

During chronic disease management appointments, your primary care doctor follows up with you to determine how well you’re managing a disease. They detect or rule out complications and make medication dosage changes when necessary.

Sick visits

If you experience symptoms or an illness, such as a cold, strep throat, flu, a sinus or ear infection, or a urinary tract infection, your primary care specialist can diagnose your condition and offer treatment for symptom relief.

Which primary care treatments are available?

Your Sunstate Medical Associates team personalizes each primary care treatment based on your health, lifestyle, and preferences. They might recommend:

  • Weight loss, diet, and exercise changes
  • Dietary supplements
  • Over-the-counter or prescription medications
  • Injections
  • Birth control
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Additional diagnostic testing
  • Skin treatments
  • Breathing treatments
  • Wound and fracture care

If you have a severe or complex medical problem, your primary care doctor refers out to specialists in your area.

If you’d like to maintain optimal health or get treated for an injury, disease, or illness, schedule an appointment with Sunstate Medical Associates by phone or online today.

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